Aditionally, we express our gratitude to others who have, with such good grace, given us their time and energy to supply valuable facts and opinions for this and previous editions; they principally include: Dr E S K Assem, Dr Stella Barnass, Dr N B Bennett, Dr Noeleen Foley, Dr Sheila Gore, Professor J Guillebaud, Professor D H Jenkinson, Dr H Ludlam, Professor P J Maddison, Dr P T Macgee, the late Professor Sir William Paton, Professor B N C Prichard, Dr J P D Reckless, Dr Catriona Reid, Dr Andrew Souter, Professor P L Weissberg.

Other acknowledgements are made in the appropriate places.

Much of any merit this book may have is due to the generosity of those named above as well as others too numerous to mention who have put their knowledge and practical experience of the use of drugs at our disposal. We hope that this collective acknowledgement will be acceptable. Errors are our own.

In addition, permission to quote directly from the writings of some authorities has been generously granted and we thank the authors and their publishers who have given it. If we have omitted any acknowledgement that ought to have been made we will make such amends as we can as soon as we can.

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