proprium o.d.: omni die o.m.: omni mane o.n.: omni nocte p.c.: post cibum p.o.: per os p.r.: per rectum p.r.n.: pro re nata p.v.: per vaginam proper name every day every morning every night after food by mouth by the anal/rectal route as required. It is best to add the maximum frequency of repetition, e.g. Aspirin and Codeine Tablets, 1 or 2 prn, 4-hourly by the vaginal route q.d.s.: quater die sumendus q. or q.q.: quaque q.q.h.: quarta quaque hora q.s.: quantum sufficiat rep: répétatur s.c.: subcutaneous s.o.s.: si opus sit stat: statim t.d.s.: ter (in) die sumendus

4 times a day (qid is also used)

every, e.g. qq6 h = every 6 h every 4 hours a sufficiency, enough let it be repeated, as in rep. mist(ura), repeat the mixture by subcutaneous injection if necessary. It is useful to confine sos to prescriptions to be repeated once only and to use prn where many repetitions are intended immediately 3 times a day (tid is also used).

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