Complementary Drug


6.2 Antibacterials

6.2.2 Beta-lactam drugs

* amoxicillin ampicillin benzathine benzylpenicillin benzylpenicillin

* cloxacillin Phenoxymethylpenicillin procaine benzylpenicillin RESTRICTED INDICATIONS

* amoxycillin + *clavulanic acid ceftazidime

* ceftriaxone imipenem + cilastatin

6.2.2 Other antibacterials

* chloramphenicol

* ciprofloxacin

* doxycycline

* erythromycin

* gentamicin

* metronidazole nalidixic acid nitrofurantoin spectinomycin

* sulfadiazine

* sulfamethoxazole +

trimethoprim trimethoprim COMPLEMENTARY DRUGS chloramphenicol clindamycin RESTRICTED INDICATIONS vancomycin

6.2.3 Antileprosy drugs clofazimine dapsone rifampicin

6.2.4 Antituberculosis drugs ethambutol isoniazid pyrazinamide rifampicin streptomycin


6.3 Antifungal drugs amphotericin B

* fluconazole griseofulvin nystatin

COMPLEMENTARY DRUGS flucytosine potassium iodide

6.4 Antiviral drugs

6.4.1 Antiherpes drug aciclovir

6.4.2 Antiretroviral drugs nevirapine zidovudine

6.5 Antiprotozoal drugs

6.5.1 Antiamoebic and antigiardiasis drugs

* diloxanide

* metronidazole

6.5.2 Ant ยกleishmaniasis drugs

* meglumine antimoniate pentamidine COMPLEMENTARY DRUG amphotericin B

6.5.3 Antimalarial drugs

(a) For curative treatment

* chloroquine primaquine

* quinine

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