Complementary Drug

* mannitol

17. Gastrointestinal drugs

17.1 Antacids and other antiulcer drugs aluminium hydroxide

* Cimetidine magnesium hydroxide

17.2 Antiemetic drugs metoclopramide

* promethazine

17.3 Antihaemorrhoidal drugs

* local anaesthetic, astringent and anti-inflammatory drug

17.4 Anti-inflammatory drugs hydrocortisone

* sulfasalazine

17.5 Antispasmodic drugs

* atropine

17.6 Laxatives

* senna

17.7 Drugs used in diarrhoea

17.7.1 Oral rehydration oral rehydration salts (for glucose-electrolyte solution)

17.7.2 Antidiarrhoeal (symptomatic) drugs

* codeine

18. Hormones, other endocrine drugs and contraceptives

18.1 Adrenal hormones and synthetic substitutes

* dexamethasone hydrocortisone

* prednisolone COMPLEMENTARY DRUG fludrocortisone

18.2 Androgens

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