Complementary Drug


18.3 Contraceptives

18.3.1 Hormonal contraceptives

* ethinylestradiol +

* levonorgestrel

* ethinylestradiol +

* norethisterone levonorgestrel COMPLEMENTARY DRUGS

* levonorgestrel medroxyprogesterone acetate norethisterone enantate

18.3.2 Intrauterine devices copper-containing device

18.3.3 Barrier methods condoms with or without spermicide (nonoxinol) diaphragms with spermicide (nonoxinol)

18.4 Estrogens

* ethinylestradiol

18.5 Insulins and other antidiabetic agents

* glibenclamide insulin injection (soluble) intermediate-acting insulin metformin

18.6 Ovulation inducers

* clomifene

18.7 Progestogens norethisterone

COMPLEMENTARY DRUG medroxyprogesterone acetate

18.8 Thyroid hormones and antithyroid drugs levothyroxine potassium iodide

* propylthiouracil

19. Immunologicals

19.1 Diagnostic agents tuberculin, purified protein derivative (PPD)

19.2 Sera and immunoglobulins anti-D immunoglobulin (human)

* antitetanus immunoglobulin (human)

antivenom serum diphtheria antitoxin immunoglobulin, human normal

* rabies immunoglobulin

19.3 Vaccines

19.3.1 For universal immunisation BCG

diphtheria pertussis tetanus hepatitis B

measles poliomyelitis

19.3.2 For specific groups of individuals influenza meningitis mumps rabies rubella typhoid yellow fever

20. Muscle relaxants (peripherally acting) and Cholinesterase inhibitors

* alcuronium chloride

* neostigmine pyridostigmine bromide suxamethonium chloride

COMPLEMENTARY DRUG vecuronium bromide

21. Ophthalmological preparations

21.1 Anti-infective agents

* gentamicin

* idoxuridine silver nitrate

* tetracycline

21.2 Anti-inflammatory agents

* prednisolone

21.3 Local anaesthetics

* tetracaine (amethocaine)

21.4 Miotics and antiglaucoma drugs acetazolamide

* pilocarpine

* timolol

21.5 Mydriatics atropine

COMPLEMENTARY DRUG epinephrine (adrenaline)

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