Drugs as adjuvants to crime

Since time immemorial drugs have been used to facilitate sexual excess and robbery, e.g. opium and plants containing antimuscarinics, e.g. hyoscine. All such acts constitute a criminal offence. The advent of synthetic drugs widened the scope and ease of administration.

In 19th century Chicago (USA) the proprietor of the Lone Palm Saloon, Michael J Finn, employed girls to ensure his customers consumed drinks to which he had added chloral hydrate—the 'Mickey Finn'—they were robbed when unconscious.

Recently there has been a vogue for using Clonidine for the same purpose (a doctor or pharmacist must surely have been responsible for this curious but, it seems, effective choice). Victims become confused and unresisting from sedation, bradycardia, other cardiac arrhythmias, ataxia, hypothermia, hypo- or hypertension.

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