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Divisions are not rigid and they change with fashion.

3 Quoted in James W (1902) Varieties of religious experience. Longmans, Harlow, and many subsequent editions of this classic. See also Leary T (1970). The politics of ecstasy. MacGibbon and Kee, London. Other editions, USA.

• Any age: alcohol; tobacco; mild dependence on hypnotics and tranquillisers; occasional use of LSD and cannabis.

• Aged 16-35 years: hard-use drugs, chiefly heroin, cocaine and amphetamines (including 'ecstasy')- Surviving users tend to reduce or relinquish heavy use as they enter middle age.

• Under 16 years: volatile inhalants, e.g. solvents of glues, aerosol sprays, vaporised (by heat) paints, 'solvent or substance' abuse, 'glue-sniffing'.

• Miscellaneous: any drug or combination of drugs reputed to alter consciousness may have a local vogue, however brief, e.g. drugs used in parkinsonism and metered aerosols for asthma.

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