13.5 Drugs affecting skin differentiation and proliferation benzoyl peroxide coal tar dithranol fluorouracil

* podophyllum resin salicylic acid urea

13.6 Scabicides and pediculicides

* benzyl benzoate permethrin

13.7 Ultraviolet-blocking agents

COMPLEMENTARY DRUGS topical sun protection agent with activity against UVA and UVB cream, lotion or gel

14. Diagnostic agents

14.1 Ophthalmic drugs fluorescein

* tropicamide

14.2 Radiocontrast media

* amidotrizoate barium sulfate

* iohexol

* iopanoic acid

* propyliodone (for administration only into the bronchial tree) COMPLEMENTARY DRUG

* meglumine iotroxate

I 5. Disinfectants and antiseptics

15.1 Antiseptics

* chlorhexidine

* ethanol

* polyvidone iodine

15.2 Disinfectants

* chlorine base compound chloroxyenol glutaral

16. Diuretics

* amiloride

* furosemide (frusemide)

* hydrochlorothiazide spironolactone

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