Adenosine 6 mg by rapid bolus injection; if unsuccessful, follow, if necessary, with up to 3 doses each of 12 mg every 1-min* Caution with adenosine in known Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

■ Seek expert help

Adverse signs?

■ Systolic BP < 90 mmHg 1 Chest pain 1 Heart failure

1 Heart rate > 200 beats min-1

Choose from:

Synchronised DC shock t 100 J :200 J : 360 J or equivalent biphasic energy

If necessary, amiodarone 150 mg i.v. over 10 min, then 300 mg over 1 h and repeat shock

■ Esmolol: 40 mg over 1 min + infusion 4 mg min-1

(i.v. injection can be repeated and infusion increased incrementally to 12 mg min-1) OR

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body using a network of tubing called arteries and capillaries which return the blood back to your heart via your veins. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of your arteries as your heart beats.Learn more...

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