Amiodarone 300 mg i.v.

over 1 h. If necessary, may be repeated once

Doses throughout are based on an adult of average body weight tNote 1: DC shock is always given under sedation/general anaesthesia **Note 2. MOT TO BE USED IN PATIENT RECEIVING BETA-BLOCKERS

to demand. This definition incorporates two elements: firstly, cardiac output may be normal at rest, but secondly, when demand is increased, perfusion of the vital organs (brain and kidneys) is maintained at the expense of other tissues, especially skeletal muscle.

Overall systemic arterial pressure is also maintained until a late stage. These responses follow neuroendocrine activation when the heart begins to fail.

The therapeutic importance of recognising this pathophysiology is that many of the neuroendocrine

Narrow complex tachycardia

(presumed supraventricular tachycardia)

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