Tetracycline; metronidazole, orally or topically.

Corticosteroid exacerbates. Flushing makes it worse. Oestrogens for menopausal flushing.

Scabies (So/copies scobjeiJ

Permeihrin dermal cream. In resistant cases consider monosulfiram or benzyl benzoate. Alternative: ivermectin (single dose) especially for outbreaks in closed communities. Crotamiton or calamine for residual itch.

Apply to all members of the household, immediate family or partner. Change underclothes and bedclothes after application.

Seborrhoek dermatitis: dandruff (Pityriasis capitis,!

A proprietary shampoo with pyrithione, selenium sulphide or coal tar; ketoconazole shampoo in more severe cases Occasionally a corticosteroid lotion may be necessary. Keratolytics, e.g. Cocois are helpful if there is much scaling.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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