Oxytocics and antioxytocics

Oxytocics ergometrine oxytocin

22.2 Antioxytocics

* salbutamol

23. Peritoneal dialysis solution intraperitoneal dialysis solution (of appropriate composition)

24. Psychotherapeutic drugs

24.1 Drugs used in psychotic disorders

* chlorpromazine

* fluphenazine

* haloperidol

24.2 Drugs used in mood disorders

24.2.2 Drugs used in depressive disorders

* amitryptiline

24.2.2 Drugs used in bipolar disorders carbamazepine lithium carbonate valproic acid

24.3 Drugs used in generalised anxiety and sleep disorders

* diazepam

24.4 Drugs used in obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic attacks clomipramine

25. Drugs acting on the respiratory tract

25.1 Antiasthmatic drugs

* aminophylline

* beclometasone epinephrine (adrenaline) ipratropium bromide

* salbutamol theophylline

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