Onset, peak activity and duration of action in hours (appro*)

Species 2

4 „ 8 12 .. 16 1o20 „ 24 -c 28 32 i 6 i 10 , 14 ; 18 i 22 i 26 . 30 . 34 i I I I I I i I i I I 1 i I i

Neutral insulin injection

Biphasic insulin injection

The numbers refer to the proportion of soluble insulin in the mixture, between 10 and 50%

Insulin zinc suspension [amorphous)

Isophane insulin injection

Insulin zinc suspension (mixed)

Insulin zinc suspension (cystalline)

Protamine zinc insulin injection

Humalog (insulin lispro)

Human actrapid Ipyr]

Human velosulin


Humulin S (prb)

Hypurin neutral

Pork velosulin

Human mixtard


Pork mixtard 30

Rapitard MC

Semitard MC

Human insulatard

Humulin 1 [prb)

Hypurin isophane

Pork insulatard

Human monotard

Humulin lente (prb)

Hypurin lente

Lentard MC

Human Ultratard

Hypurin protamine zinc

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