Sodium stibogluconate or meglumine antimoniate; resistant cases may benefit from combining antimonials with allopurinol, pentamidine, paromomycin or amphotericin (including AmBisome).


Miid lesions heal spontaneously, antimonials may be injected intralesionally


Most infections are self-limiting in che immunologically normal patient. Pyrimethamine with sulfadiazine for chorioretinitis.and active toxoplasmosis in immunodeficient patients; folimc acid is used to counteract the inevitable megaloblastic anaemia.Alternatives mcludc pyrimethamine with clindamycin or clarithromycin or azithromycin Spiramycin for primary toxoplasmosis in pregnant women. Expert advice is essential.


Metronidazole or unidazole is effective


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