Other progesterone derivatives

Danazol (Danol) is a derivative of the progestogen, ethisterone. It has partial agonist androgen activity and is described as an 'impeded' androgen; it has little progestogen activity. It is a relatively selective inhibitor of pituitary gonadotrophin secretion (LH, FSH) affecting the surge in the mid-menstrual cycle more than basal secretion. This reduces ovarian function, which leads to atrophic changes in endometrium, both uterine and elsewhere (ectopic), i.e. endometriosis. In males it reduces spermatogenesis. Androgenic unwanted effects occur in women (acne, hirsutism and, rarely, enlargement of the clitoris).

It is chiefly used for: endometriosis, fibrocystic mastitis, gynaecomastia, precocious puberty, men-orrhagia and hereditary angioedema (p. 715).

Gestrinone is similar.

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