Prevention Andtreatment Of Uterine Haemorrhage

Bleeding due to incomplete abortion can be controlled with ergometrine and oxytocin (Syntometrine) given intramuscularly. Their combination is more effective in early pregnancy than either drug alone.

For the routine management of the third stage of labour ergometrine 500 micrograms with oxytocin 5 units (Syntometrine 1 ml) is given by intramuscular injection on delivery of the anterior shoulder or, at the latest, immediately after the baby is delivered. In pre-eclampsia, oxytocin may be given alone by intramuscular injection. The same regimens are used for the treatment of postpartum haemorrhage. The same drugs may be given intravenously for excessive uterine bleeding caused by uterine atony. Carboprost is an alternative for haemorrhage unresponsive to ergometrine and oxytocin.

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