The principally pharmacological aspects of vitamins are described here.The nutritional aspects, physiological function, sources, daily requirements and deficiency syndromes {primary and secondary) are to be found in any textbook of medicine.

• Vitamin C: ascorbic acid

• Vitamin D, calcium, parathyroid hormone, calcitonin, bisphosphonates, bone

• Treatment of calcium and bone disorders

• Vitamin E: tocopherol that subclinical vitamin deficiencies are a cause of much chronic ill-health and liability to infections. This idea has led to enormous consumption of vitamin preparations, which, for most consumers, probably have no more than placebo value. Fortunately most of the vitamins are comparatively nontoxic, but prolonged administration of vitamins A and D can have serious ill-effects. Vitamins fall into two groups:

• water-soluble vitamins: the B group and C

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