The kidneys comprise only 0.5% of body weight, yet they receive 25% of the cardiac output. Drugs that affect renal function have important roles in cardiac failure and hypertension. Disease of the kidney must be taken into account when prescribing drugs that are eliminated by it.

• Diuretic drugs: their sites and modes of action, classification, adverse effects and uses in cardiac, hepatic, renal and other conditions

• Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

• Cation-exchange resins and their uses

• Alteration of urine pH

Drugs and the kidney

• Adverse effects

• Drug-Induced renal disease: by direct and indirect biochemical effects and by immunological effects

• Prescribing for rena! disease: adjusting the dose according to the characteristics of the drug and to the degree of renal impairment

• Nephrolithiasis and its management

• Pharmacological aspects of micturition

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Erectile dysfunction

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