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It takes a membrane to make sense out of disorder in biology. You have to be able to catch energy and hold it, storing precisely the needed amount and releasing it in measured shares. A cell does this, and so do the organelles inside. . . . To stay alive, you have to be able to hold out against equilibrium, maintain imbalance, bank against entropy, and you can only transact this business with membranes in our kind of world.

Lewis Thomas, "The World's Biggest Membrane," The Lives of a Cell (1974)


10.1 • Passive Diffusion

10.2 • Facilitated Diffusion

10.3 • Active Transport Systems

10.4 • Transport Processes Driven by ATP

10.5 • Transport Processes Driven by Light

10.6 • Transport Processes Driven by Ion


10.7 • Group Translocation

10.8 • Specialized Membrane Pores

10.9 • Ionophore Antibiotics

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