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Sex Differences In Sexual Behavior

A casual perusal of the contemporary mass media quickly reveals that human males appear much more preoccupied with visual representations of sexual content than are human females. Sexually arousing publications, websites, videos, and advertisements directed at male consumers far outnumber those directed at females. Surveys and experimental studies of sexual behavior corroborate this impression (Herz & Cahill, 1997 Kinsey et al., 1948 Laumann et al., 1994). Stereotypes aside, by a variety of metrics, male sexual arousal is more centered around visual stimuli than is female sexual arousal In general, men are more psychologically and physiologically responsive to visual sexually arousing stimuli, and they display a greater motivation to seek out and interact with such stimuli (Bradley, Codispoti, Sabatinelli, & Lang, 2001 Herz & Cahill, 1997 Laumann et al., 1994).

Seahorse culture in Handumon Philippines

The Philippines is one of more than 50 countries involved in the trading of more than 20 million dried and live seahorses a year for use in traditional medicine (including aphrodisiacs) and as aquarium specimens and curiosities. Demand far exceeds the supply, yet catches are steadily decreasing because of overfishing, habitat loss (including the destruction of mangrove forests) and unsustainable

Seija Marjatta Mkinen1 and Kirsti Kaarina Pkknen2

Herbs originate mainly from Mediterranean countries and from South Asia. Long before tea arrived in Europe, hot drinks were prepared from herbs. Having its origins in India and Iran, sweet basil spread into the Mediterranean countries, where it still grows wild. The name basil comes from the Greek basilikos, meaning royal. Only the sovereign (basileus) was allowed to cut basil. Basil belongs to the traditional wedding ceremony of the Hindu religion. According to African fairy tales, no poison could affect a man who had eaten basil. It has been a holy plant in India bringing good luck, a symbol of sorrow and hatred in Greece, and a herb for lovers in Italy. A basil pot at a girl's window sill meant an invitation to her lover to visit. Basil is still one of the most common herbs in the Italian kitchen. In southern Russia tradition has it that if a woman gives a sprig of basil to a man, and the man takes it willingly, he will love that woman for ever. Basil has indeed been an ingredient...

Female reproductive system

The opening at the lower end of the uterus is a constricted area called the cervix. The tube leading from the cervix to the exterior is a muscular organ called the vagina. During periods of sexual arousal, the vagina receives the penis and the semen. The sperm cells in the semen pass through the cervix and uterus into the Fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place.

Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction

Another study found confirmation for the physical causes for sexual problems in diabetic men (Schiavi et al., 1995). Compared to healthy controls, diabetic patients had significantly lower levels of erotic drive, sexual arousal, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Problems in these areas coexisted with alterations in sexual attitudes and body image, but were not related to group differences in marital adjustment as reported separately by the patients and their partners. Most critically, there was no evidence that psychological distress and psychiatric problems were associated with diabetes or with its effects on sexual function. The authors cautioned that measures of marital adjustment may not be sufficiently sensitive to reflect the sexual impact of diabetes on marital relationship. They suggested that it was possible for the couple to develop compensatory applications to the limitations posed by the disease, and ultimately the value attributed to nonsexual aspects of the relationship may...

Helictonema Velutinum Chemcal Composition

The dried infructescenes, immature fruits and even the leaf galls are reportedly used as Madras nagakesara (Anandkumar etal, 1986). Nagakesara is a crude drug in Ayurveda, used as deodorant, diaphoretic and stimulant, as an appetiser, brain tonic, anti-medic, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, diuretic and antidote. Mesua ferrea Linn. (Clusiaceae) is regarded as the real ''Nagakesara' (north Indian nagakesara) by most practitioners, while the dried inflorescence and immature fruits of C. wightii is traded as 'Madras nagakesara'. The dried fruits of Dillenia pentagyna Roxb. are also sold as 'Malabar nagakesara'. Anandkumar et al. (1986) have made a comparative pharmacog-nostic study of the three sources of nagakesara.

Cannabis in India ancient lore and modern medicine

In the Sushruta Samhita (meaning the verses of Sushruta), perhaps dating from the third to the eighth centuries bce, cannabis was recommended for phlegm, catarrh and diarrhea 18 . As noted, an anti-phlegmatic would be interpreted in Ayurvedic medicine as possessing a wide variety of effects. Similarly, Dwarakanath 19 has maintained that cannabis was employed in Indian folk medicine in aphrodisiacs and treatments for pain in the same era 19 , while Sanyal observed 20 that They also used the fumes of burning Indian Hemp (Canabis Indica) sic as an anaesthetic from ancient times . the exciter of sexual desire, the rejoicer, delight-giver, causer of elation the exciter of sexual desire

Effect Of Malignancy Treatment On Fertility

Post-treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in men with chemotherapy results in testicular germ cell aplasia and decreased libido.5 The seminiferous epithelium inside the testes is most sensitive to the detrimental effects of chemotherapy. Therefore, after treatment with gonadotoxic agents, patients may be rendered oligozoospermic or azoospermic. Because testosterone production by the Leydig cells remains unaffected, patients still develop normal secondary sexual charac-teristics.19 However, treatment with high, cumulative doses of gonadotoxic chemotherapy can lead to Leydig cell dysfunction.

Male reproductive system

The organ responsible for carrying the sperm cells to the female is the penis. Within the penis, the sperm cells are carried in a tube, the urethra. During periods of sexual arousal, the penis becomes erect as blood fills its spongelike tissues. The sperm cells are mixed with secretions from the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and Cowper's glands. These secretions and the sperm cells constitute the semen.

End Uses of Cinnamon and Cassia

Commercially, cinnamon bark is marketed as quills, which are produced from the dried, inner bark extracted from shoots of C. verum. The bark has an aromatic and sweet taste with a spicy fragrance, due to the presence of essential oils. The major use of cinnamon bark is for flavouring processed food, the aromatic ingredient of the bark improving the overall flavour of the food item. A wide range of curry powders are used in Indian and other oriental cusines the main components in most curry powders are turmeric for colour chillies for pungency and coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, celery and black pepper for flavour. Flavour enhancement is achieved through the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, caraway or other spices. Cinnamon forms an ingredient of curry powder used in the preparation of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Some typical curry powder formulations and the Federal Specifications for curry powder are given in Tables 13.1 and 13.2.

Sex Differences in Neural Responses to Sexual Stimuli in Humans

Of all the kinds of human individual differences, the differences between men and women are the ones that seem to hold a particular fascination. Psychologists have investigated and documented a growing catalog of such sex differences, ranging from subtle to substantial, in domains such as memory and language (Gur et al., 2000) emotion (Hamann & Canli, 2004) emotional memory (Cahill, Uncapher, Kilpatrick, Alkire, & Turner, 2004 Canli, Desmond, Zhao, & Gabrieli, 2002) spatial reasoning and navigation rates of aggression and mood disorders and responses to pain (Naliboff et al., 2003). Some of the most striking behavioral differences between men and women occur in the domain of sexual behavior. To take a prominent example, men differ markedly from women in the role that visual stimuli play in the process of sexual arousal and motivation. Numerous studies have corroborated the popular stereotype that men are more psychologically and physiologically responsive to visual sexually arousing...

Persia And Arabia

The Arab Barsh or Bars is the commonest kind of hashish . In India it is called Ma'jun ( electuary, generally) it is made of Ganja or young leaves, buds, capsules and florets of hemp (C. sativa), poppy-seed and flowers of the thorn-apple (Datura) with milk and sugar-candy, nutmegs, cloves, mace and saffron, all boiled to the consistency of treacle, which hardens when cold These electuaries are usually prepared with Charas, or gum of hemp, collected by hand or by passing a blanket over the plant in early morning it is highly intoxicating. Another aphrodisiac is Sabzi, dried hemp-leaves, poppy-seed, cucumber-seed, black pepper and cardamoms rubbed down in a mortar with a wooden pestle, and made drinkable by adding milk, ice cream etc. The Hashish of Arabia is the Hindustani Bhang, usually drunk and made as follows. Take of hemp-leaves, well washed, 3 drams black pepper 45 grains and of cloves, nutmeg, and mace (which add to the intoxication) each 12 grains. Triturate in 8 ounces of...


Most of the Church Fathers were soaked in the classics of Roman scholarship St Jerome had to put himself under a special penance to stop himself from reading them. The pagan philosophies themselves were still strong and active. The Alexandrian philosopher Plotinus (ad 205-70) had inspired an ascetic, Neoplatonic, or 'gnostic' tradition within the early Christian Church, and his prolific writings on the joys of contemplation lived long after him.14 Plotinus believed that all physical matter was inherently evil. It clogged up the soul and kept it earthbound, when its true celestial existence depended on weightlessness, mingling with the universe above to attain the state of the pure absolute Being, the One. The pure soul had minimal bodily needs, and had to renounce all sexual desire chastity was an essential qualification. Neoplatonic asceticism was widespread among intellectuals of the small farm or villa

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual arousal releases neurotransmitters from the endothelial cells of the penis which relax the smooth muscle of the arteries, arterioles and trabeculae of its erectile tissue, greatly increase blood flow to it and facilitate rapid filling of the sinusoids and expansion of the corpora cavernosa. The venous plexus that drains the penis thus becomes compressed between the engorged sinusoids and the surrounding and firm tunica albuginea, causing the almost total cessation of venous outflow. The penis becomes erect, with an intracavernous pressure of 100 mmHg. The principal neurotransmitter is nitric oxide, which acts by raising intracellular concentrations of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) to relax vascular smooth muscle. The isoenzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) is selectively active in penile smooth muscle and terminates the action of cGMP by converting it to the inactive non-cyclic GMP


The date of the first herbal drink is open to debate. Certainly ginseng was recognised as a qi tonic herb about 5000 years ago (Bown, 2003) and one of the traditional ways of using ginseng was to make a tea from its dried root. It is mentioned in Shen Nong's Cannon of Herbs, which, although not completed until about ad 250, was founded on the work of Shen Nong, a Chinese Emperor believed to have reigned around 3000 bc. Tea (Camellia sinensis) has been drunk in China for about 3000 years (Bown, 2003) for the stimulating effects of its caffeine content. Later, liqueurs, although not soft drinks, were made from herbs by monks for medicinal and tonic purposes. Coffee and chocolate are nowadays simply considered popular because of their tastes, but when they were first discovered they were seen as tonic drinks with various stimulant properties including aphrodisiac effects. Even the world's most popular soft drink started life promoted as a nerve tonic (Pendergrast, 1993) and in 1899,...

Properties and Uses

Camphor possesses stimulant, carminative, and aphrodisiac properties, and is widely used in traditional medicine, both externally and internally. Its primary action is that of a diffusible stimulant and diaphoretic its secondary action is that of a sedative, anodyne, and antispasmodic. In large doses it is an acro-narcotic poison. Camphor has been extensively used in the advanced stages of fevers and inflammation, insanity, asthma, angina pectoris, whooping-cough, palpitations connected with hypertrophy of the heart affections of the genito-urinary system, comprising dysmenorrhoea, nymphomania, spermatorrhoea, cancer, and irritable states of the uterus chordee, incontinence of urine, hysteria, rheumatism, gangrene and gout. It has also been employed as an antidote to strychnia, but with doubtful results. It is regarded as a medicine in impotence (Dymock et al, 1890). The Hindus consider camphor to be aphrodisiacal, but the Muhammadans hold a contrary opinion both regard it as a...

Anabolic Steroids

While the drug is being taken, there is a significant reduction in testosterone production by the testes so that sperm output and quality are decreased, and a return to normal can take many months after drug use is stopped. The effect on sex drive is variable, but overall it seems that the sex drive increases at the beginning of a steroid-using cycle, and then decreases to below normal after several weeks of use. Drive may remain below normal levels even after the drug is stopped, until such time as the testes start producing testosterone again. There may also be a reduction in size of the testicles (87).

Gemtuzumab zoqamicin

Goserelin -LHRH agonist -endocrine effects -hot flashes -decreased libido -gynecomastia -impotence -nausea and vomiting (uncommon) -transient increase in bone pain -hot flashes -decreased libido -gynecomastia (3 ) -breast tenderness -impotence (2 ) -nausea and vomiting (uncommon) -transient increase in bone pain -peripheral edema -dizziness, headache

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