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Clinical Features of Osteoarthritis

Pain is the most common presentation of an osteoarthritic joint. The nature of the pain is often described as dull and ill defined this is especially true for hip disease. Pain is exacerbated by joint use and relieved by rest. In advanced cases, however, pain also persists at rest and at night, because the protective muscle splinting mechanism around the joint has been lost. Joint pain is typically accompanied by morning stiffness and generally lasts less than an hour. The phenomena of start-up pain are commonly described by patients in the early stages of the disease, as is the transient stiffness due to articular gelling. The latter usually only lasts for a few flexion-extension cycles and is especially prevalent in lower limb disease in the elderly.

Sacrum Tenderness

Images Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc

Palpation (2) Tenderness over the sacroiliac joints (C) may also occur in cases of mechanical back pain and in sacroiliac joint infections. Re-examine with the patient prone. Renal tenderness (D) must be investigated fully. Look also for tenderness higher in the spine (E), e.g. from vertebral body infections.

Chief Complaint And History Of Present Illness

The patient is a 55-year-old man with a longstanding history of ulcerative colitis. His acute episodes have been treated with highdose steroids. Recently, he has developed severe right knee weight-bearing discomfort. He also has pain at rest and at night. The joint pain is confined to his right knee only. He denies generalized malaise, fever, or erythema of the knee joint. Antiinflammatory medications and corticosteroid injections have not helped. He is unable to walk without the use of a cane.

Enhanced Second Pain Summation in Fibromyalgia Patients

In comparison to normal control subjects, fibromyalgia patients respond to repeated heat taps with enhanced slow temporal summation and more prolonged after-sensations, as shown in Figure 2 (3,22,25,35). Summation also occurs at a lower stimulus frequency (i.e., 0.2 Hz) in fibromyalgia patients, similar to that in patients with temporomandibular joint disease (36). Furthermore, once it occurs, enhanced second pain can be maintained by very low frequencies of stimulation in fibromyalgia but not in normal control subjects (24). This characteristic is parallel to that of windup of dorsal horn neuronal responses (32). Once windup occurs and reaches a plateau, only very low frequencies (e.g., one C-fiber volley every 10 seconds) are

Choosing the Structure and Content of Your Report

Very little information was provided by Mr. Smith's primary care physician regarding his medical history. During the interview, Mr. Smith described himself as in generally good health. He denied having major illnesses or hospitalizations during his childhood or teen years. He noted that he rarely gets sick and that his employment attendance was exceptionally good. To the best of his recollection, his only major medical problems and associated treatments were for kidney stones (1996) and removal of a benign polyp from his colon (1998). He reported taking vitamins and glucosamine sulfate (for general health and joint pain), but currently does not take any prescription medications. Mr. Smith's primary care physician is Dr. Nancy Jones.

Conceptualizing Individual Differences Underlying Extraversion And Affiliation

Depue Lenzenweger

Elicitation of behavior can be modeled neurobiologically by use of a minimum threshold construct, which represents a CNS weighting of the external and internal factors that contribute to the probability of response expression (Depue & Collins, 1999 Depue & Morrone-Strupinsky, 2005). A response threshold is weighted most strongly by the joint function of two main variables (1) magnitude of eliciting stimulation, and (2) level of postsynaptic receptor activation of the neurobiological variable thought to contribute most variance to the behavioral process in question (in our case, this would be DA to incentive motivation and -opiates to affiliative reward). The relation between these two variables is represented in Figure 4.3 as a tradeoff function (White, 1986), where pairs of values (of stimulus magnitude and receptor activation) specify a diagonal representing the minimum threshold value for elici-tation of a behavioral process. Findings reviewed above show that agonist-induced...

Muscle cardiovascular and respiratory abnormalities

All symptoms aggravated. Severe muscle and joint pain. Painful to move or touch. Chronic depression would return (the depression comes after, not before, the physical symptoms). The slightest movement is painful - all over. I'd be back to sleeping all day and night.

Symptoms and Complications

The incubation period is approx 6 weeks to 6 months. As the name suggests, the virus primarily affects the liver. Typical symptoms include malaise, anorexia, nausea, mild fever, and abdominal discomfort and may last from 2 days to 3 weeks before the insidious onset of jaundice. Joint pain and skin rashes may also occur as a result of immune complex formation. Infections in the newborn are usually asymptomatic.

Outcomes In Subpopulations In Registries

Participants in both the DVA Persian Gulf Health Registry and the CCEP registry represent a broad cross-section of service members who deployed to the Gulf, although the demographics of participants as a group differ from the deployed population in some respects as discussed above. At the time the comprehensive reports were published, 18,075 individuals had participated in CCEP, and 52,216 individuals had been evaluated through the PGHR.56-60 The Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) combined the data from both sources in their evaluation of the findings of the registries.59 As stated, not all registry participants are ill 10 of CCEP participants are asymptomatic, while 12 of PGHR participants report no symptoms. Symptomatic participants in both registries reported a broad range of symptoms spanning a variety of organ systems. The most common symptoms reported in CCEP participants were joint pain, fatigue, headache, and skin rash. Most commonly reported symptoms for the PGHR were...

The Problem With Case Definition

Given that both large registries found a frequency of unexplained, as yet undiagnosed conditions in about 20-25 of participants, a basic question asked whether or not the symptoms represented a new and unique syndrome. Examinations of large numbers of individuals in a systematic fashion would seemingly provide a reasonable opportunity to diagnose a new definitive condition. A series of six expert panels evaluated the available scientific data but did not identify a single, coherent syndrome, although many illnesses reported by veterans might be attributable to Gulf War service.3-8 The 1994 NIH Workshop Panel found that no single disease or syndrome is apparent, but rather found evidence for multiple illnesses with overlapping symptoms and causes.4 Symptomatic veterans were found to be ill due to a wide diversity of health problems, but no specific previously unknown disease was identified, and no case definition related to unexplained symptoms emerged. The NIH panel concluded that An...

HOME and Socio Emotional Development

Transactional and general systems theories of development (Ford & Lerner, 1992 Sameroff, 1983) portray development as a joint function of both what the environment affords a person by way of experiences and what the person brings to the environment by way of capabilities and behavioral tendencies. As an example, Bradley, Caldwell, Rock, Casey, and, Nelson (1987) found that, for low-birth weight infants, home environment in combination with child medical status predicted 18-month Bayley scores better than either did alone. A study of language delayed, Down's syndrome, and normally developing children by Wulbert, Inglis, Kriegsmann, and Millis (1975) offered yet another view of the transactional process. A high correlation (.76) was obtained in the combined sample, attesting to the impact extreme scores can have on correlations. The results are ambiguous with respect to direction of causality. It could result from effects of the children's low capabilities on the richness of the...

Regional Migratory Osteoporosis

Regional migratory osteoporosis (RMO) is also known as idiopathic regional osteoporosis, transient osteoporosis, and migratory algodystrophy. It was first described in 1967 (88) and its etiology remains unknown. It appears to be closely related to the disorder known as transient osteoporosis of the hip.3 RMO occurs in middle-aged men. It begins as gradually increasing joint pain in the lower extremities with no prior history of trauma. Pain generally reaches a maximum level after 2 months. Symptoms subside after 3 to 9 months but may recur at the same or another joint. X rays of the affected joint generally reveal preservation of the articular space with periarticular demineralization. The affected joint will be hot on radionuclide scans. Trevisan and Ortolani (89) reported bone density findings in three Caucasian men who experienced 13 acute episodes of RMO during the study period. The men were 43, 44, and 54 years of age at presentation. Of the episodes, 46 involved the foot. The...

Specific Pain Condition

Patients with sickle cell disease, who have recurrent ER visits, have been called frequent flyers.'' These patients usually have been treated in the hospital or ER with opioids. If upon discharge, the now physically dependent patient is sent out without opioid medication, approximately 24 to 48 hours later, the patient may develop abdominal and joint pain. Is this a manifestation of physical dependence with withdrawal or a recurrent crisis Physical dependence can occur within hours or days with the use of certain medications such as opioids (50,51). By compassionate treatment of the patient with sickle cell anemia, the demeaning term frequent flyers'' can be eliminated from the medical terminology.

Ciguatera Seafood Poisoning

Local, fisheries in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is estimated that roughly 20,000 people suffer annually from such poisoning. Two groups of compounds implicated in the poisoning are ciguatoxin147-56 and maitotoxin.157164 Both groups of toxins are produced by the epiphytic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus165 and transferred to herbivorous fish and subsequently to carnivores through the food chain. Ciguatoxin is regarded as the principal toxin responsible for human illness. The clinical symptoms are diverse.166 Of these neurologic disturbances are prominent. The most characteristic symptoms of ciguatera are reversal of thermal sensation called dry ice sensation 'Other symptoms are joint pain, miosis, erethism, cyanosis, and prostration. Gastrointestinal disorders are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cardiovascular disturbances are low blood pressure and bradycardia.

Double gracilis transfer

Doi et al 17,21,23,55 have described a method to provide shoulder stability and function combined with active elbow flexion and extension, hand sensibility, and rudimentary hand grasp and release function in patients with four or five root avulsions. The double free-muscle transfer takes advantage of the length of the gracilis muscle and proximal location of its neurovascular pedicle to promote rapid reinnervation of the muscle while allowing for distal joint function. A direct neu-rotization of the spinal accessory nerve to a gracilis muscle fixed to the clavicle can produce elbow flexion and finger or wrist extension (Fig. 2), whereas the second transfer, secured to the second rib and neurotized to intercostal motor nerves, creates finger flexion (Fig. 3). The creative use of additional intercostal nerves for triceps function and sensory neurotization of the hand allows

Further Information

The two principal journals in which bone mechanics papers appear frequently are the Journal of Biomechanics published by Elsevier and the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Other society journals which periodically publish papers in the field are the Journal of Orthopaedic Research published for the Orthopaedic Research Society, the Annals of Biomedical Engineering published for the Biomedical Engineering Society, and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (both American and English issues) for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the British Organization, respectively. Additional papers in the field may be found in the journal Bone and Calcified Tissue International.


SYMPTOMS Some symptoms of leukemia are fever, chills, and other flulike symptoms weakness and fatigue frequent infections loss of appetite and or weight swollen or tender lymph nodes, liver, or spleen easy bleeding or bruising tiny red spots under the skin swollen or bleeding gums sweating, especially at night and or bone or joint pain. Leukemia metastasizing to the brain may cause headaches, vomiting, confusion, loss of muscle control, and seizures. Leukemia cells can also colonize the testicles, where they cause pain and swelling the skin and eyes, where they produce sores and many other organs and tissues of the body.

Case Reports

The second case was of a 38-yr-old right-handed man who had a 1-yr history of intermittent tremor of the right hand aggravated by fatigue and stress. He later noted decreased arm swing on the right when walking, stiffness and joint pain in the right wrist, and general fatigue. His wife had noted decreased facial expression, mild dysarthria, and irritability. Magnetic resonance imaging of his brain prior to his evaluation was normal. There was no history of stroke, central nervous system infection, head trauma, use of dopamine blocking agents, recreational drugs, or family history of neurological disorders. He had mild rigidity in all limbs and mildly decreased amplitude and speed on fine-finger movements, hand opening, and heel tapping on the right. Rest tremor of the right hand was seen primarily with reinforcement maneuvers. Gait was normal except for decreased right arm swing and a right hand tremor.


Are flu-like symptoms, fever, and joint pain that can be controlled with acetaminophen. Liver function abnormalities and depression are also seen. IFN-a does not cross the placenta, and thus may be used in pregnant women who have a need for myelosuppression, although the majority of pregnant women do not have an indication for marrow suppression and the CBC may normalize during pregnancy. It can aid in the treatment of pruritus.12


Several drugs currently are used for treatment of RA. Corticosteroids have an immediate and dramatic effect on joint symptoms, but they do not alter the natural progression of the disease. Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) may have a favorable impact on the natural course of the disease, reducing joint inflammation and disease activity, and improving functional status in patients with RA. DMARDs include methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, sulfasalazine, oral and parenteral gold, penicillamine, aza-thioprine, cyclophosphamide, and cyclosporine. There is no consensus as to which drug should be used in what order. The treatment should be individualized, and use of less toxic drugs is preferred initially, except in patients with very aggressive disease or life-threatening complications such as vasculitis. More recently, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) antagonists (etanercept and infliximab) have been found to reduce disease activity within weeks, unlike other DMARDs, which may take...

Farbers Disease

Farber's disease of infancy is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme ceramidase, encoded by a gene located on chromosome 8. Ceramide accumulates in the brain, visceral organs, skin, and lymph nodes. Cutaneous nodules, joint pain, hepatosplenomegaly, psychomotor regression, seizures, and a hoarse cry are characteristic clinical manifestations. The pathology is characterized by (a) widespread neuronal storage of PAS-positive ceramide (b) foamy macrophages in viscera, lymph nodes, and bone marrow and (c) granulomatous nodules of histio-cytes, lymphocytes, and giant cells in the skin, joints, and various tissues.


The indications for performing a test have been outlined above. However, for safety reasons, there are a number of contraindications. These have been defined in the ATS statement 9 . A more exhaustive list of contraindications to clinical exercise testing has been produced by the American College of Sports Medicine 87 . A supervising physician is not routinely required for field-exercise testing. However, the resuscitation team should know the location of any testing. The area should be equipped with a resuscitation trolley and ready access to oxygen, glyceryl trinitrate and bronchodilators. The operator should terminate the test if the patient reports central chest pain, excessive joint pain or excessive breathlessness, or becomes unstable or looks unwell. It is advisable to monitor arterial oxygen saturation during and immediately after the test, although this is not indicated in the ATS statement for the 6MWT 9 .


Sensation'.'Other illnesses include joint pain, miosis, erathism, cyanosis and prostration. Gastrointestinal disorders are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Cardiovascular disturbances are low blood pressure and bradycardia. Maitotoxin presumably plays a role in diversifying ciguatera symptoms, particularly poisoning caused by hervivorous fish. It is, perhaps, the most potent non-proteinaceous toxin.


Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication

Examples of lubricants are wide and varied. They include automotive engine oils, wheel bearing greases, transmission fluids, electrical contact lubricants, rolling oils, cutting fluids, preservative oils, gear oils, jet fuels, instrument oils, turbine oils, textile lubricants, machine oils, jet engine lubricants, air, water, molten glass, liquid metals, oxide films, talcum powder, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, waxes, soaps, polymers, and the synovial fluid in human joints.

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