Defining Terms

Anabolic steroids: Synthetic forms of sex hormones (androgens) that possess both synthesizing and masculinizing characteristics.

Biceps muscle: The major muscle group in the upper arm responsible for flexion, joined by tendons at the shoulder and elbow. Two collaborating muscles are involved in the biceps.

Endergonic: An energy-absorbing process.

Ergogenic aids: Factors that affect human performance.

Exergonic: An energy-liberating process.

Hematocrit: The concentration of red blood cells.

Homeostasis: The tendency to maintain equilibrium.

Negative work: Work where the applied force and the direction of movement are opposite.

Positive work involves an applied force in the same direction as the movement. Negative work is known as eccentric work, and positive work is known as concentric by biomechanists.

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