Autoantibodies To Onconeural Antigens

(For reviews, see refs [62-66]; see also the chapter "Paraneoplastic Syndrome" by M. Tishler and Y. Shoenfeld, this volume.)

Onconeural antigens (ONA) are normally restricted to the nervous system but are aberrantly expressed in a number of tumors possibly by gene activation or derepression or post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. They may then be recognized by the immune system as "foreign" and elicit an autoimmune

Table S. Cancer/testis antigens (CTAs) and autoantibodies

Cancer/testis antigen(s)

No. of genes in family

SEREX-identified CTAs

Autoantibodies against CTAs

MAGE family 13

GAGE family 6


SSX family 5


SCP (family) synaptonemal complex protein(s) unknown



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