Table 2. Representative cytokins and their corresponding biological activities

Cytokine Activities

IL-a, IL-/S Lymphocyte acivation; bone resorption, induction of fibroblasts synovial cells and endothelial cells; prostaglandin liberation.

IL-2 T and B growth factor; increased secretion of several cytokines; activation of cytotoxic cells.

IL-3 Proliferation of marrow stem cells; growth factor for: macrophages, eosinophils, mast cells.

IL-4 Activation of B-cells and macrophages; stimulated proliferation of T-cells and mast cells; Induce secretion of IgE by


IL-6 Induce antibody production and acute phase protein production by the hepatocytes.

IL-10 Inhibit production of several cytokines

IFN-a Decrease cell replication; Increases MHC class I replication; disrupts viral replication.

IFN-y Activate NK cells, cytotoxic T cells, endothelial cells and macrophages; anti-tumoral effects; Increase expression of

MHC class I and II.

TNF-a Acute phase reactant; anti-tumoral; activate macrophages; increase expression of MHC class I; bone resorption.

TGF-/9 Inhibit IL-1; enhance tissue repair; suppress lymphocyte proliferation.

Suppressor T-cells. As can be recalled, suppressor T-cells constitute a distinct subset of T-cells in charge of down-regulating the expression of either T cells and immunoglobulin secreting cells [10].

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