Progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS), also called scleroderma, is a systemic disease mainly affecting the skin, joints, lungs, kidneys and/or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. PSS is severe and can shorten life expectancy to years or months. The main causes of mortality are lung fibrosis, renal and/or cardiac failure, and death is ultimately the consequence of a poor general condition and multisystemic manifestations. Some patients, develop malignancies that can cause death. Very few publications [1] have defined relationships between PSS and cancer. We analyzed the available epidemiological data concerning cancers that occurred during PSS and attempted to differentiate true relationships between the two diseases and coincidences.

How To Add Ten Years To Your Life

How To Add Ten Years To Your Life

When over eighty years of age, the poet Bryant said that he had added more than ten years to his life by taking a simple exercise while dressing in the morning. Those who knew Bryant and the facts of his life never doubted the truth of this statement.

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