Numerous autoimmune phenomena have been reported in malignancies. These autoimmune conditions may be regarded as paraneoplastic syndromes or syndromes that cannot be explained by the local effects of the tumor or its metastases. The most common neoplasm associated with autoimmune diseases is thymoma. Thymoma is an epithelial tumor that constitutes approximately 15% of all mediastinal masses [1], It has a wide spectrum of aggressiveness, varying from showing slow progression with a relatively favorable prognosis, to rapid progression leading to death in a short time [2], Thymoma is most often encountered in middle to later life, with a mean age of diagnosis of 50 years, and without gender predilection [3], It usually arises in the anterior or anterior-superior mediastinum. Grossly, thymomas are firm, tan-pink to gray, and lobulated, most often with a smooth fibrous capsule. Microscopically, they are composed of cytologically bland thymic epithelial cells with a variable mixture of lymphocytes [3],

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