Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Immune function is commonly altered in immune system derived neoplastic and preneoplastic conditions. The alteration is in the form of decreased immune responses or a relative immunodeficiency, primarily of the cellular system. Immunoglobulin levels do not correlate with cell type or disease extent in lymphoproliferative disorders and the alterations are suspected to be secondary to the malignancy itself [16, 17], Immunoglobulin abnormalities have been described in 80 non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and 105 Hodgkin's lymphomas. IgG and IgE were generally increased in Hodgkin's disease while all Igs were decreased in the nodular sclerosing type. Immunoglobulin levels varied with stages of the disease and were generally decreased in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, however mild elevations of IgA and IgM were reported in Hodgkin's lymphoma [18]. Normal Ig levels are associated with remission [19].

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