Migratory Capacity Of Dendritic Cells

Another important feature of DC is their capacity to migrate through different tissues, although the molecular mechanisms that control this wandering are poorly defined [12]. DC progenitors orginate from bone marrow cells and migrate through the blood to nonlymphoid tissues, where they can be found in an 'immature' stage. These nonlymphoid cells are localized in epithelia (epidermis, gut, etc.) and in interstitial spaces of many solid organs like heart and kidney [4], Therefore, they are ideally placed to perform a sentinel function in the immune defence. As mentioned above, inflammatory mediators or infectious agents promote their maturation and migration out of nonlymphoid tissues via afferent lymph and blood into T cell-dependent areas of secondary lymphoid tissues such as regional lymph nodes and spleen. Recruitment of DC to sites of antigen challenge and subsequent travel to secondary lymphoid organs is an essential feature of this 'professional' APC.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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