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Fig. 2. ETS2 and ERGB/FLI1 expression correlates with SLE activity. ERGB/FLI1, ETS2 and ETS1 mRNA expression was studied by quantitative RT-PCR in PBMC samples from SLE patients with very active (lanes 1 and 2), active (lanes 3, 4 and 5) and inactive (lanes 6 and 7) disease compared to that of a healthy individual (lane 8). Expected size of PCR products are shown on the right side (further details are described in ref. [42]).

DBA/2 normal mice. As shown in Fig. 3, ERGB/FLI 1 expression did not change significantly in splenic B cells and thymocytes from either autoimmune prone or normal mice. However, its expression is 2- to 3fold higher in splenic T cells of lupus prone mice (NZW and F1 hybrids) compared to normal DBA/2 and SWISS mice. In contrast, there was no change in the expression level of the ETS1 and ETS2 genes in lupus prone mice compared to normal mice.

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