CENP-F has several features that make it an attractive candidate for a marker of cell proliferation in tumors. First, its expression is proliferation-dependent and relatively specific for the G2 and M phases of the cell cycle. Second, its cell cycle-dependent distribution is highly conserved in mammalian cell lines [24]. Third, its association with the nuclear matrix confers resistance to a wide variety of preparation and fixation procedures [24, 31]. Three studies have been conducted to determine the potential use of CENP-F as a proliferation marker. The first study used CENP-F autoantibodies in two-parameter flow cytometry to correlate CENP-F expression with S-phase fraction in 24 hematological tumors, 12 breast cancers, and several cultured cell lines [31]. A significant correlation was observed between the percentage of CENP-F positive cells and S-phase fraction for all the tumors analyzed [31], In the second study, an anti-mitosin monoclonal antibody, designated 14C10, was used in immunohis-tochemistry to evaluate mitosin/CENP-F expression in 386 node-negative, formalin-fixed, archival breast cancers [32], A strong positive correlation was found in this study between CENP-F expression and S-phase fraction. The expression of the protein correlated negatively with other prognostic factors such as estrogen

Table 1. Clinical features of patients with CENP-F antibodies

Patient No.



Clinical feature

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