Specific Cancers And Ra

4.1. Lymphoproliferative Cancers

The data from several cohorts of RA patients who developed malignant neoplasms indicate that RA is associated with an increased risk of lymphoproliferative cancers including lymphoma [5-7, 16, 25, 30], leukemia [5, 6, 24, 25, 27] and myeloma [5], Table 2 shows the relative risk for development of lymphoproliferative diseases in patients with RA compared to the general population. A 1.5- to 8.7-fold increased risks for all lymphoproliferative cancers were observed in several studies [6, 7, 15, 27]. In two large population-based studies, the risks of developing all lymphoproliferative cancers were 1.52 (1.2-1.9) [6] and 1.7(1.5-2.0) [7],

While the relative risks for haematopoietic cancers among men and women with RA were similar (1.7 each) in a large cohort of patients with RA [7], other studies reported higher risks for lymphoproliferative cancers among men with RA [6, 27] and among men with Felty's syndrome [25]. Prior [27] found the

Table 1. Risk for malignancies in patients with RA

Study (ref.)

Year of study

No. of RA patients

%of cancer



Relative risk

95% CI/ p-v alue


Prior [27]

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