Syngeneic Immunization With Idiotypes

Another method for treating animals is by active immunization with the idiotype instead of passive administration of the anti-idiotype. In NZB/W F1 mice, it was found that injection of a monoclonal anti-DNA Id resulted in a decrease of autoantibody levels and a partial improvement of the disease [47], The effect was transient, however, and anti-DNA antibodies appeared which did not exhibit the injected idiotype.

In a different experiment, mice were inoculated with syngeneic anti-DNA IgG together with muramyl dipeptide. It was found that anti-DNA antibody levels were suppressed and that an anti-idiotype specific for the injected IgG appeared [48].

In another study, the immunization of B/W mice with the PME 77 anti-DNA monoclonal antibody (a syngeneic antibody bearing the idiotype present in most B/W sera) was investigated [49], The PME 77 mAb immunization regimen induced the production of auto-anti-idiotypic antibodies and abrogated the expression of the PME 77 idiotype in B/W-treated mice. In contrast, untreated mice and control B/W mice receiving NZB polyclonal IgG2b which lacked detectable DNA binding capacity, expressed PME 77 idiotypes. These results demonstrate that the expression of idiotypes borne by autoantibodies may be modified through the induction of auto-anti-idiotypic antibodies.

Treatment with anti-AchR idiotypic antibodies resulted in improvement of modulation of the immune response of mice to acetylcholine receptor [50],

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