"Spinal cord injury is a ferocious assault on the body that leaves havoc in its wake. Paralysis is certainly part of its legacy, but there are other equally devastating consequences including autonomic dysfunction: compromised cardiovascular, bowel, bladder, and sexual function. Treatments and cures for these losses would greatly improve the quality of life for all of us living with spinal cord injury. I am hopeful that the multi-faceted and collaborative approach to spinal cord repair evidenced by this book and its contributors means that there will be effective therapies for autonomic dysfunction in the not too distant future.''

Christopher Reeve, September 30, 2004

Christopher Reeve sent this endorsement to us only 10 days before his death. His passionate advocacy for research that would better the lives of all who have suffered spinal cord injury has affected all of us who work in this field. We dedicate this book to Christopher Reeve and to all, who like him, strive to overcome the tragedy of spinal cord injury. As Canadian editors, we particularly would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of our advocates, Mr. Rick Hansen and Ms. Barbara Turnbull for their tireless efforts to bring awareness, expertise and funding to the field of spinal cord injury research, in all of its dimensions. Finally, we dedicate this book to everyone who has sustained a spinal cord injury and lives courageously, hoping that the efforts of science will bring timely rewards.

Lynne Weaver and Canio Polosa on behalf of the contributors, March 1, 2005

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