Adrenal Glands

Based on analysis of various tissues obtained from human autopsies, the adrenal was reported to have the highest concentration of carotenoids (128). All the major carotenoids in serum were present with lycopene observed in the highest concentration. Stahl et al. (148) also reported large concentrations of lycopene in adrenal tissue. In a rat study involving feeding of varying levels of lycopene, the adrenal was the tissue that accumulated the highest concentration of lycopene (149). In another study, in which b-carotene was fed to rats, the adrenal gland accumulated a large amount of b-carotene and had not reached saturation after 21 weeks of feeding (145). The release of b-carotene from the adrenal was much slower than from liver (145). In a study with ferrets fed canthaxanthin, the adrenal accumulated moderate amounts of canthaxanthin but less than the liver, lungs, and small intestine (143).

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