In an older study of an Amish pedigree, Ginns et al. (1996) reported suggestive linkage signals at marker D6S7. Another report of findings related to chromosome 6 comes from Dick et al. (2003), who conducted genome-wide linkage analyses on 1,152 individuals (mostly Caucasian) from 250 families in the multisite NIMH Genetics Initiative bipolar survey. Bipolar I disorder and SABP diagnostic criteria were derived from DSM-III-R, and bipolar II and recurrent major depression (UPR) were diagnosed following the RDC. Markers were adapted from the Cooperative Human Linkage Center marker set version 9, and nonparametric, multipoint linkage analysis using affected relative pairs was carried out by using Merlin (Abecasis et al. 2002). In this sample, chromosome 6 yielded a suggestive maximum LOD score of 2.2 (near marker D6S1021)

under a broad disease model, using nonparametric, multipoint methods of linkage. A combined analysis of 399 NIMH pedigrees yields a significant LOD of 3.8 at 113cM on 6q (Hinrichs et al. unpublished data).

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