The Future Of Perftoran

We completely agree with Keipert (2003) that the most likely anticipated future PFC emulsion application (which has already been demonstrated by preclinical and first clinical efficacy data) will target tissue ischemia, with a focus on the vital organs. Since Perftoran enhancement is limited by the probability of side effects (about 4 per cent), which frequently result from violated conditions of storage, the possibility of decreasing the frequency of these side effects by technological modification and strict obedience regarding the rules of Perftoran usage will determine the imminent future of Perftoran application. It will lie in a wider scope of both previously mentioned and new indications, such as preoperative isovolemic blood replacement (during temporal autoblood harvesting), treatment of cerebral ischemia, reversal of myocardial ischemia, diminution of reperfusion injuries, resuscitation of emergency traumas, lung and peritoneal lavage, enhancement of sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy, prolongation of the storage time of isolated organs prior to transplantation as well as detoxication, suppression of the hyperactive inflammatory response, and liver function correction.

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