Different Products

So far, there are several BNT-A products and one BNT-B product on the market.

The BNT-A products differ in their amount of protein as well as in the amount of albumin added (Table 1.1). At the moment Botox, also marketed in some countries as Botox Aesthetic/ Vistabel/Vistabex for aesthetic indications, and Dysport share the majority of the aesthetic market. The new German BNT-A preparation Xeo-min is only available in a few countries so far, and lacks clinical data on its efficacy in aesthetic medicine. NeuroBloc (also marketed as Myo-bloc) is the only commercially available type B BNT. Although there is some data on its efficacy in aesthetic indications, it is not often used for these indications (Baumann et al. 2003).

Botox may be marketed as Botox Aesthetics, Vistabel or Vistabex. For simplification in this book we will talk only about Botox when referring to dosages.

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