Fig. 5.41. Same side injection technique: the injector may be positioned on the same side as the wrinkles to be treated. Superficial injections are recommended to avoid bruising, since normally the vessels are deeper
Fig. 5.42. Opposite side injection technique: if the injector is positioned on the opposite side to the crow's feet, the needle is directed outwards and there will be no danger for the eyeball

eyelid wrinkling, it produces a widening of the eye which leads to aesthetic enhancement. The needle should be inserted parallel to the skin so that a very superficial papule is seen. Any medial or lateral injection to the midpupillary line must be avoided or undertaken by very experienced injectors; otherwise complications may result.

• Dysport dose:

- For crow's feet: total dose 15-

30 U

- For lower eyelid: total dose 2

-4 U

Wrinkle Reverse

Wrinkle Reverse

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