Marketing and Evidence

The market for BNT-A in aesthetic medicine is still growing. However, as in every market, there is close competition between companies. Therefore, it is important to keep a clear mind when a company claims superiority in efficacy and safety for their product. The following questions might come in handy when being approached by a representative of the company with new data claiming to show either better efficacy or safety.

What dosages and dilutions were used? This is very important: if you compare two products, one with a higher and one with a lower dosage, it might not be a surprise that the product with a relatively higher dose has more side effects.

How good is the clinical trial? It is not necessary to be a specialist of evidence based medicine (EBM). Just keep the following questions in mind when looking at a clinical trial.

Was the trial randomized? i.e. were the treatment groups distributed by chance? If not, just disregard it.

Was the trial blinded? Good clinical trials should always be blinded. A good example of a possibly absolute blinding is an expert committee who grades efficacy based on photographs.

Were the treatment groups equal after randomization? Sometimes randomization might fail. If there are differences in gender or age between the

study groups, be extremely cautious when looking at the data. In such a case, the analysis should be at least multivariate to try to account for the failure of randomization. Do not worry about the statistical test! Just look to see whether the analysis was uni- or multivariate. If the analysis was univariate (e.g. comparing only one factor at a time) it could be prone to more biases than a multivariate analysis.

How big was the trial? If you have a trial which assesses the superiority or inferiority of two BNT preparations, the number of patients should be high since only small differences are likely. So if a head-to-head trial has less than 100 patients it might be better to disregard it.

What should a good clinical trial be? Randomized, blinded, large enough to answer the question!

5 Common Skin Problems Answered

5 Common Skin Problems Answered

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