The injection of botulinum toxin in the m. depressor septi nasi may achieve the following goals: 1. Enhancement of the nasolabial angle in static and dynamic positions, 2. Slight upper lip lengthening, 3. Slight fullness of the upper lip, 4. Elevation of the tip of the nose, 5. Improvement of the horizontal lines between the upper lip rim and the nasal base (Figs. 5.64a,b and 5.65a,b).

To inject into the dilator nasi, the patient should be asked to breathe in and the exact location of the muscle movement should be marked. The skin at this level is much adhered to the cartilage and injection may be quite painful. The bevel should be turned downwards, especially in patients with large pores in the skin. During the treatment, it is common to see an immediate bleaching with the injection, which subsides shortly after. A total of 1-2 U Botox and 3-5 U Dysport should be injected (Fig. 5.63a,b).

Treatment of the m. dilator nasi

• One injection point

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