Four to six injection points are sufficient to treat the forehead (Figs. 5.1, 5.5 and 5.11). The injection points should be distributed in the middle of the forehead area. If the lateral injection point is placed in the midpupillary line, the lateral parts of the m. frontalis will lift the lateral parts of the eyebrows upward (Fig. 5.11). This distribution of injection points is preferable in female patients.

Often the forehead is treated together with the glabella (see Chap. 5.2). In this case the total dose might be reduced to avoid a frozen expression.

Treatment of the forehead • Four to six injection points in the middle of the forehead - the lateral points determine the degree of movement of the eyebrows (more medially placed they allow more lateral movement with an elevation of the lateral parts of the eyebrow (female pattern)

• Injection technique: deep, without contact with the periosteum

• Botox dose: 10-15 U total dose for one line

• Dysport dose: 25-40 U total dose for one line doses of BNT-A (approximately 2-3 Dysport U or the equivalent of Botox) might be helpful. A low dose is mandatory to avoid brow ptosis. As a brow ptosis-free alternative, the superficial injection of an appropriate non-permanent injectable filler (e.g. hyaluronic acid or collagen) might be recommended.

S.1.6 Complications

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