Technique 2

When treating the area adjacent to the red part of the lip without treating the philtrum (Figs. 5.89 and 5.90) the whole upper lip might form a pout. In this case a horizontal line might appear in the area of the upper lip after treatment.

Very small doses should be used in order to avoid a dysfunctional mouth. Furthermore, slight asymmetries are quite common for this area.

Table 5.11. Overview of the muscles responsible for the gummy smile


Action Synergists


M. orbicularis oris

Deep fibers: direct closure M. incisivus labii superi-of lips oris and inferioris and Superficial and decussat- m. mentalis ing fibers: lip protrusion

The five upper lip levators, the m. depressor anguli ori and m. labii inferioris and the m. buccinator

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