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To ensure that no complication may result from injecting BNT-A for a facelift effect, a two-step treatment is advisable until the exact dose is defined for each patient. Generally, the depressors should be treated with a full dose and the elevators should get stronger with the absence of their antagonists' forces.

The younger the patient is, the stronger the elevators are, and as a consequence, the easier it is to obtain a better result. With older patients, the rule is not to let the drooping muscles (the depressors) recover. In this way the elevators will become stronger and the depressors will not pull down the facial structures.

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6.3 Treatment with Microinjections

Berthold Rzany

Fig. 6.21. Injection points for the crow's feet area using the microinjection technique

reactions as very small doses are injected quite superficially. This allows the treatment of areas like the cheeks, which for a long time had been thought to be untreatable.

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