Burden of Functional or Visceral Abdominal Pain on Health Care

Functional abdominal pain makes up a major component of the clinical spectrum of hospital admissions for abdominal pain. This is not a new problem. In 1966, abdominal pain for which no definite explanation could be found was the 10th most common cause of admission to hospital for any reason in men and the sixth most common cause in women (5). Of those who were admitted with undiagnosed abdominal pain, there was a higher preponderance of young females, and there was a significant excess of people with a previous admission for psychiatric reasons. The situation has not changed to the present day. Up to 67% of consecutive admissions to a teaching hospital surgical ward are for "nonspecific" abdominal pain (6). In Britain, the mean cost to the National Health Service (NHS) per patient was estimated at £807, which was mainly attributed to the in-patient stay. Extrapolating to the whole of the United Kingdom, the economic burden of nonspecific abdominal pain was postulated to be in excess of £100 million per year.

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