Clinical Presentation Based On Severity Of Pain And Implications For Treatment

Patients with chronic abdominal and visceral pain can fall under a variety of diagnostic syndromes and categories. This may include longstanding structural diagnoses such as chronic pancreatitis, a variety of functional GI diagnoses (e.g., IBS, functional chest pain or dyspepsia, functional biliary pain, levator syndrome, etc.), or combinations (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) with IBS). In this chapter, the proposition is that, independent of diagnosis, the nature and severity of the pain as well as clinical decisions regarding treatment will depend on integrating the relative contributions of the peripheral and central determinants that affect the nature and severity of the pain and its psychosocial concomitants.

Table 1 is a further elaboration of Figure 1 providing the continuum of chronic abdominal pain or other functional GI painful conditions that are broken into specific clinical features based on severity.

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