Role Of Various Factors In The Development Of Cancers

Most cancer types vary in incidence and mortality among different populations in different parts of the world. When populations move from one country to another, the rates for many cancers tend toward that of the local population rather than that of their country of origin. A classic example is the incidence rates among Japanese individuals living in Osaka, Japan, in contrast to those who have moved to Hawaii (Fig. 3-9).49 Within a generation, the incidence for prostate, colon, and breast cancer begin to approach those of the United States population, whereas the incidence of stomach cancer, more prevalent in Japan, decreases. Another interesting point from the data in Figure 3-9 is that from 1970-71 to 1988-92, some of the ''more Western cancers'' became more prevalent in Japan, presumably because of a more Westernized diet and lifestyle.

Some specific causes of cancer are known, the most prominent of which is cigarette smoking (Table 3-5). However, the causes for the large

Table 3-4. Summary of Epidemiological Data on Intracranial Tumors


(WHO Grade)

Typical Location

Age at Clinical Manifestation (% of Cases)

0-20 years 20-45 years >45 years


Survival Rate (% of Patients)

Genetic Alterations

Pilocytic astrocytoma


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