Improvement of Cancer Preventive Efficacy by Additional Use of Other Food Factors

Besides hydrocarbon carotenoids, some xantho-phylls such as P-cryptoxanthin are also found to be lower in the blood of liver cancer patients with viral hepatitis than in healthy individuals (Jinno et al. 1997). Therefore, additional use of P-cryptoxanthin may improve the efficacy for liver cancer prevention.

We have also found experimentally that myo-inositol may be useful for the prevention of liver carcinogenesis. Since myo-inositol has been known to prevent fatty liver as well as cancer in several organs, such as colon, we evaluated the effect of oral administration of myo-inositol using the experimental model of spontaneous liver carcinogenesis in C3H/He male mice (Nishino et al. 1999). The mean number of liver tumors was significantly decreased by myo-inositol treatment as compared with that in the control group; the control group developed 7.82 tumors/mouse, whereas the 1% myo-inositol-treated group had 0.77 tumors/mouse (p<0.01, Student's t-test).

Based on these clinical and experimental data, we have planned a new clinical trial. Since P-cryptoxanthin is rich in Japanese tangerine oranges, we decided to use them as a form of juice for a clinical trial. The experimental sample contained 3 mg of P-cryptoxanthin and 1 g of myo-inositol in 190 ml canned juice. Hepatitis C virus-infected patients with cirrhosis were ad-

Table 1 Subjects for clinical trial


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