Vitamin D Deficiency and Sun Protection Are the Messages Complementary

Vitamin D deficiency in the Australian context in the general population is largely confined to winter months in southern states when the sun protection message is not a relevant public health message. When the Global UV index is in the moderate to extreme range, undertaking

Fig. 2 UV Index as issued by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Fig. 3 Circulating concentrations of vitamin D after a single exposure to one minimal erythemal dose of simulated sunlight either with a sunscreen, with a sun protection factor of 8, or a topical placebo cream. Matsouka et al. (1987)

sun protection measures such as regular sunscreen application is unlikely to increase osteoporosis risk (Farrerons et al. 2001; Marks 1999). A study by Matsouka et al. (Fig. 3) showed that while sunscreen use initially reduced vitamin D absorption, this effect was dissipated after 7 days (Matsuoka et al. 1987).

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