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Fig. 7. CZE and CE-MS data of urinary amphetamine, methadone, and EDDP. The buffer employed was composed of ammonium acetate/acetic acid (20 mM each, pH 4.6). The alkaline urinary extract of quality control urine 106 was analyzed (A) by CZE with UV absorbance detection using the BioFocus 3000 and (B) by CE-MS with the Cristal CE system model 310 coupled to the Finnigan MAT LCQ via a CE atmospheric pressure, electrospray-ionization interface. The BioFocus was equipped with an untreated 50-^m ID fused silica capillary of 60 cm total length (55.4 cm to the detector), sample was injected by applying positive pressure of 4 psi x s, a constant voltage of 20 kV (current about 15 ^A) was applied, the temperatures of cartridge and carousel were maintained at 20°C. CE-MS measurements were made with stabilization of the electrospray using a sheath liquid flow of 3 ^L/min methanol/water/acetic acid (60/39/1 [v/v]), a 75-^m ID capillary of 70 cm length, sample injection of 200 mbar for 6 s and a separation voltage of 30 kV. A, amphetamine; MET, methadone, NIC, nicotine; MO, morphine.

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