Sarracenia thrive in full or direct sunlight. Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea will tolerate full sunlight as long as the soil remains cool. When growing under artificial light start with about 1200 foot candles of illumination and a photoperiod of 12-14 hours during the growing season. They need no light during the dormant season, but will tolerate it. Intensity of illumination is below that of the growing season with a photoperiod of 6-8 hours.


Aphids, rhizome borer, larvae and fungus. See Chapter 8 for remedies. Feeding

Feeding suggestions are given in Chapter 7. Miscellaneous

All of the Sarracenia species are relatively easy to grow. In choosing species, the height of the mature plant should be considered relative to the height of the container it is to be grown in.


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